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City Group has a corporate philosophy of commitment to the delivery of quality service, high levels of staff productivity and value for money.   Our systems are designed to align with contracted standards and minimise variation in service outcomes, while also facilitating effective communication with clients at all levels of the customer organisation.

City Group’s primary objective is to provide unobtrusive, efficient services suited to the professional requirements of each client.

As Canberra's longest standing professional cleaning service provider, our key strengths include the following:

  • A flat management structure that facilitates more effective communications between the work place and senior management, as well as ensuring that clients can deal directly with the company executive if needed, rather than work through a hierarchy of mid-level/regional management.  
  • An Integrated Management System (IMS) encompassing a Quality Management System, Occupational Health and Safety System and Environmental System.
  • Existing infrastructure to be used as a base for the implementation of new contracts
  • A commitment to staff training
  • A commitment to water and waste management 
  • Demonstrated experience through the successful provision of similar services to clients throughout the ACT region for nearly three decades
  • City Group’s financial capacity to provide the services as demonstrated by 29 years of continuous operation.

The City Group cleaning staff are fully supported by the central management team, located in Mitchell. This team covers aspects such as contract administration, materials acquisition and supply, invoicing, payroll, occupational health and safety, quality assurance and human resources. In this way our customers can be assured of a consistent team approach to all contracted work. Centralised support gives the added advantages of cost effective purchasing, standardised and consistent levels of both materials and equipment, and the assurance that our customers can readily discuss our performance levels.



City Group operates with an Integrated Management System (IMS) which is made up of several elements, including Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Management, Quality Assurance (QA) Management and Environmental (EMS) Management. 

This system is a dynamic, ever-evolving and constantly-reviewed arrangement, regularly audited both internally and externally and subject to a continual improvement process.  

These management systems will be applied to create the procedures and controls that govern the provision of services to our client’s contracts.

As part of City Group’s Integrated Management System (IMS) the following items are component parts of the reporting procedures and reports used:

  • Safe Work Method Statements and Risk Assessments;
  • Third-party audits and accreditation for OH&S and QA;
  • Monthly staff meetings that communicate quality objectives and targets for staff to achieve;
  • Ongoing staff training and development in Work Health Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Services.


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